the Southern Oregon University 2023 Hackathon

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a coding contest where participants create a coding project quickly given a time restriction. The name comes from the word "hack" which originally meant writing code quickly without worrying about how elegant it is.

When is it?

Tuesday March 28th, 2023

9:30am - 5:30pm (PST)

Where is it?

This is a hybrid event. You can choose to attend virtually via Zoom or in person at the Southern Oregon University campus in Ashland, Oregon.

Participants will be given the exact location and Zoom link after registering for the event.

Who can Compete?

SOU Hackathon 2023 is open to all Southern Oregon University students regardless of their major. It is also open to students who attend one of these community colleges:

College of the Siskiyous
Klamath Community College
Rogue Community College
Southwestern Oregon Community College
Umpqua Community College

What Programming Languages are Allowed?

We accept projects in these programming languages:

C and C++

HTML and CSS are also welcome

What is the Theme?

The theme for our Hackathon this year is "Shakespeare". Southern Oregon University is located in beautiful Ashland, Oregon which is home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at this assignment prompt from a Computer Science class at SOU:

Download a copy of the file Write a program to open the file romeo.txt
          and read it line by line. For each line, split the line into a list of words using the split function. For each
          word, check to see if the word is already in a list. If the word is not in the list, add it to the list. When
          the program completes, sort and print the resulting words in alphabetical order.
          Enter file: romeo.txt
          [’Arise’, ’But’, ’It’, ’Juliet’, ’Who’, ’already’,
          ’and’, ’breaks’, ’east’, ’envious’, ’fair’, ’grief’,
          ’is’, ’kill’, ’light’, ’moon’, ’pale’, ’sick’, ’soft’,
          ’sun’, ’the’, ’through’, ’what’, ’window’,
          ’with’, ’yonder’]
          HINT: The split() function splits a string into a list.

What are the Prizes?

1st Place: $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100

All registered participants attending in-person are also eligible for a Hackathon t-shirt, a thermos, and more cool stuff!

Are Group Projects Allowed?

Yes! Here are a few extra things you should know:

Everyone in the group needs to be registered for the event.
Only one person should submit the repository.
You must specify in the file that your project is a group project.
Group projects will be judged with more scrutiny than individual projects.

How will Projects be Judged?

Our judges will look at each submitted project and score it based on our judging rubric.

How do I Register?

You can register to compete in this Hackathon by filling out our Hackathon Registration Form

Other Questions & How to Get in Touch

If you have any questions related to SOU Hackathon 2023 or you want to get in touch with the event organizers you can fill out this form.

Our Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Hunter Communications
Shasta Networks

Silver Sponsors

Oppenheimer Foundation
SOU Computer Science

At this time we are unable to accept additional sponsors for our 2023 Hackathon. If you would like to become a sponsor for future Hackathons or other Computer Science Club events, please contact us through this form.